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Let's Dream a little

With tropical storm ETA now in the gulf and just one other disturbance in the Western Caribbean, I'm beginning to get excited for hurricane season to be over! This season I'm dreaming of some longer sails...a few charters in the Virgin Islands or other Lesser Antilles Islands. Certainly a passage over to the Bahamas and then in May how about sailing up the Eastern Seaboard... If any of this sounds appealing to you it's really not that hard to make happen... The great thing about passage making is that it occurs over separate legs which can be arranged with different sailors flying in and out of ports of call, making the time and cost much more practical.

Here is a picture of my favorite water color found in Anegada, BVI.

Of course our own Florida Keys comes quite close to this if you just know when and where to go! Just let me know when you want to cast off!



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